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The Draft Club Points System

Points System? Tell Me About It!

Every Airsofter needs BBs! The Draft Club also knows how much Loyalty means to you, therefore we not only provide EXPERT GRADE BBs and GREAT PRICES, but we also want to reward you for playing the sport you love.

Our extremly achieveable and bespoke reward system not only rewards you for buying BBs which you do anyway, but also rewards you for introducing new people to us. It’s a very simple equation, the more you buy, the more points you earn.

The referral system really offers you something different, for every person you refer via your very own unique code / URL, you earn points every time they buy! Meaning if you refer 1, 100 or more people, and they buy our BBs, you earn points too!

Points System Breakdown

Yellow Top (6mm 0.20g BBs):
buy (2 points) / refer (1 point) / 1 free bottle (30 points)

Orange Top (6mm 0.25g BBs):
buy (4 points) / refer (2 points) / 1 free bottle (60 points)

Red Top (6mm 0.28g BBs):
buy (6 points) / refer (3 points) / 1 free bottle (90 points)

Green Top (6mm 0.30g BBs):
buy (8 points) / refer (4 points) / 1 free bottle (120 points)

Points Example

Buy 15 bottles of yellow top 0.20g BBs and earn 30 points to cash in for a free bottle of yellow top 0.20g BBs or you have 30 friends you have referred who buy one bottle each or you have 1 referred friend who buys 30 bottles, either way you earn 30 points to cash in. Any way you look at it the points you earn can be cashed in for freebies! We all like freebies! Especially BBS! #FreebieBBs

It doesn’t matter if you’re the first or last person referred, everyone who creates an account with The Draft Club has the facility to refer and earn points! So if you want Expert Grade BBs at Great prices for “When Duty Calls”, to be realistically rewarded for the most purchased part of your airsoft equipment and rewarded for sharing the good news, so... GET DRAFTED NOW!

NOTE: The points system, it's weighting and redemption is subject to change at any time, all rights are reserved by The Draft Club Ltd.

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