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The Draft Club Wholesale Order System

Introduction and Concept

The Draft Club has implemented our very own industry unique wholesale system for use by resellers, skirmish sites and partners.

The real way that our system differs from that of our competitors is in the way our pricing structure works, which is outlined in more detail below.

Mixed BB Weights

Your order can be made up of any quantity of any of our BB weights in order to meet discount levels; which we refer to as bands, above your tailored loyalty discount, you do not have to order 10, 12, 20 or any other starting quantity of a single BB weight.

Discount Bands

Our discount bands are based solely on the physical weight of your BB order and broken down into convenient and cost effective shipping sizes, which are up to 1/4, 1/2, 1 pallet and their multiples... the more you order in terms of weight which is any mixture of our BB weight ranges the higher the discount band you will achieve, and band discount ranges are the same for everyone.

Loyalty Discount

Each entity that we subscribe to our wholesale order system will be given a standard level of discount based on the type of operation that they run, though as the name suggests, this is a loyalty discount so we will constantly monitor your entity activity level and aim to revisit your loyalty discount on a regular basis.

Dynamic Pricing

The price you get when putting your order together is the most up to date price available, our wholesale pricing system is linked to our retail pricing so any price changes are reflected automatically in your order, which goes hand in hand with your loyalty and band discounts which are also calculated dynamically each time you add or remove an item from your order.

Minimum Order

The Draft Club does not have a minimum order requirement, this has been deliberately hard coded in order to allow you to test out our wholesale system and our products without breaking the bank. However, wholesale accounts are constantly monitored, and as such if your orders are consistently small and sporadic, we may reduce your loyalty discount, or revoke your wholesale access altogether as the wholesale system is a resource developed to facilitate bulk purchases.

How to Obtain a Wholesale Account

Our wholesale application form is available online (no need to post documents and proofs back and forth) with a very fast turnaround for qualifying entities, which we will check vigorously.

You will first need to have joined The Draft Club website, verified your account and completed your account details, you will then be presented with the Business Application form from within your account, you will need to complete this in as much detail as possible and submit to us to start the ball rolling.

We will then process your application and hopefully grant you with access to our wholesale order system with your own discount level, from which you can put your order together and submit to us.

Join The Draft Club Here

Complete Your Account and Apply

Basic Wholesale System Use

The wholesale system has been developed to be as simple as possible to use for your convenience:

1. Create an order
2. Add your items
3. Tweak your item quantities
4. Get the most up to date price
5. Submit your order
6. Monitor order progress and delivery
7. Enjoy your BBs

For a more detailed guide pertaining to the use of the wholesale order system, please refer to the help article linked on the order page or see here.

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