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The Draft Club Progressive Web Application - 18 March 2018

Installing The Draft Club Application Video

Here is a short video on how to install The Draft Club Application on Android...

Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Harder

Over the last few weeks we have been modifying The Draft Club application with new progressive web application or PWA technologies, in order to improve the user experience while maintaining a universal look and feel to the website and application.

Modern browsers support these new PWAs to varying degrees, though currently Google is leading the charge with their Chrome browser on all platforms, with Firefox, Microsoft edge, Opera and many others implementing them soon.

PWAs have the benefit of providing a framework that allows you to install an application on your home screen without the requirement to be vetted and included in the various platform app stores.

The Draft Club Application will install via chrome and android, you should be prompted to do so when you visit the web application, however if you are not you can simply use the 'Add To Homescreen' option, this will install the required files... Windows users can pin the application to the Start menu ;)... iOS users of Safari currently have no support for PWAs though you can still save the application to your home screen.

Further benefits of this approach include caching of application files in the background so loading and using the application becomes much faster, and if you are offline the app will still load (we are currently working on sections of the application to serve while offline), and when the network returns the application functions as normal.

The video included shows installation of The Draft Club application on Android (which we are sure Android users will already be aware of) and simulates some basic network failures and the resulting application response, while demonstrating improved page load times...

...We hope you enjoy using the updated application

Tango, Delta, Charlie Out

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