Who Is The Draft Club?


Who is The Draft Club?

The Draft Club is a UK based brand of Ultra Fine Precision Airsoft BBs. Implementing UK engineering practices and QC to ensure quality and consistency batch after batch. Supplying players, skirmish sites and retailers up and down the country with Airsoft BBs that are affordable, unparalleled quality control and manufacturing procedures!

What Should I expect from using The Draft Club BBs?

Due to our utilisation of a strict specification and manufacturing process, this helps eliminate internal air bubbles creating a smooth, dense, solid and balanced BB.
This means:

- No Flyers. (due to the BB be so dense and solid with no air bubbles, the     trajectory of the BB becomes more stable than BBs that have air bubbles or not as dense.)

- Significantly reduce the 
likelihood of failing in the barrel or impact. (Our BBs are so strong that they can stand the test of the harshest weapons and not shatter in your barrel. Also won't shatter on impact with mesh users.)

- Greater distance. (Due to how dense and bubble free our BBs are, when the energy is passed into the BB, the energy is better retained and not lost through imperfections or deformations, giving you extra distance on your shots.)

What makes the Draft Club Different from other BB Brands?

Batch Numbers:

This may sound simple or even expected from a product, but we are the only brand of Airsoft BB IN THE WORLD (still yet to find one) who actually batch numbers their product. How can you trust a product that even the brand or manufacture cannot trace? Tell new from old? Bad from good? Carry out and record QC tests?Considering a huge batch failure with a major brand in recent years you would have thought QC would have stepped up a notch..... Unfortunately NOT!
This is why The Draft Club have introduced Batch numbers to provide peace of mind to wholesale and retail customers.

Colour Coded Label & Bottle Cap:

We were the first BB brand to colour co-ordinate its labels and bottle caps to make it easier for you to identify what weight you want and also find them or the right weight easily when rummaging through your kit.
This has now been copied by a UK brand and most recently a large international brand, so we must be doing something right! Lets just hope they follow in our footsteps in the making and QC of their products.

Strickt Specification:

Believe or not, some BB brands approach manufactures saying "Watch your cheapest standard of BB" or "We want to spend X amount per thousand/bottle/bag/sack, what can we have for that?" slap a label on it and out the door with zero or limited QC internally or solely relying on the manufacture to be honest. (Even big brands were duped with this!)
The Draft Club approached a manufacture and gave a specification, had them sign a contract to strictly adhere to. (They do, we check......every batch.... 3 times over). which follows on to QC.

Quality Control:

We created a QC so stringent it supersedes the manufactures current procedure and ability. We test each batch three times over to ensure consistency in the product and to ensure what's produced is to specification! We measure:
    - Strength
    - Weight (equipment accurate down to 0.001g)
    - Size +/- 0.01mm (equipment accurate down to 0.001mm)
    - Internal check for Internal air bubbles (eliminating air bubbles)

All of which are checked 3 times over to ensure only quality reaches the shelves.

Every batch of The Draft Club BBs (We've yet to find a brand who batch numbers their product) has a clearly shown batch number on every bottle. The results of all QC are documented and recorded against each batch number enabling us to ensure traceability and trust within the community. 

All this painstaking work, staying on top of manufacturers, measuring, weighing, crushing and cracking thousands and thousands of BBs all to make sure quality is consistent and catch out any batches that do not meet the high standards we expect of ourselves and you expect of us! Before they hit the shelves.

And that is what makes The Draft Club Different from other BB brands.

Whats so special about The Draft Club BBs?

When conducting market research before entering this venture, we took look at the market to see what was available for consumers and if there was any room for improvement. THERE WAS VAST AMOUNTS OF ROOM!
We found that that batches tend to vary in quality, standard weights were riddled with air bubbles, fragile (commonly shattering in barrels or on mesh face & eye protection) size variations and flyers just to name a few. On top of that, no way of telling which batch was new, old, good or bad! Some seasoned Airsofters will be aware and forever scarred by events that happened not long before we launched. A major brand had huge success with their new line of BBs! Then the batch that shall not be named arrived! Causing hundreds to thousands of pounds worth of damage to players equipment and losses to sites and retailers. This is what we meant by "THERE WAS VAST AMOUNTS OF ROOM" for improvement. So we built a specification which would weed out general issues and approached manufacturers. We managed to find a manufacture who were able to meet our specification can agree to keep to it! We then followed on with a QC procedure so stringent, it supersedes the manufactures current procedure and ability. We test each batch three times over to ensure consistency in the product and to ensure what we get produced is what we specified!

All mentioned above and previous points goes into what some may see and a simple, humble BB. But all that hard work, care and drive to improve is what helps to make your game day run as smooth as possible and maximise your weapons performance.