Wholesale With The Draft Club

The Draft Club wants wholesale it to be easy and inclusive as possible for all Airsoft related business from large to small and retail to skirmish sites.

Here are some commonly ask questions relating to Wholesale accounts:

Q: How can i apply for a wholesale account?
A: The Draft Club has vastly simplified its wholesale registration and ordering system. All you are required to do is the following:

- Send us an email from the email address that will be used for your business to sales@airsoftimports.co.uk

- Your Name
- Owner/Directors name (If different from above)
- Type of business. (limited company/sole trader etc.)
- Company name and registration. (If applicable)
- Company address/delivery address.
- Contact Number.
- Email address. (If different when contacting us)
- Any website links and social media handles. (Optional)

Alternatively you can create an account yourself - Create an account add an address to your account. (within this field you'll be asked your company name. Please include a contact number as couriers we use require them for delivery.)
We will contact you for any additional information required.

And that's it! SIMPLE!

Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A: We tailor to smaller businesses as well as large, our MOQ is 1 box of BBs (20 bottles) however; these can be built up of any weight variation you require to suit your needs. For example; 5 x 0.20g +  5 x 0.25g +  5 x 0.28g + 5 x 0.30g = 1 box (20 bottles) or any combination you can think of.

Q: Do I Need to be a limited company in order to obtain a wholesale account?
A: No, you are not required to be a limited company. However; We will contact you for information relating to your business to check and verify you are genuinely trading within the Airsoft industry.

Q: Can I arrange my own courier service instead of using the ones you provide?
A: Of course! we recommend that you email/contact us first to ensure someone will be available to greet the courier. Once agreed, just select our free delivery option on checkout and pay for your goods.

Q: How do you accept orders?
A: We can accept orders via the website (Best option), Email/messages through social media and Telephone. If you do not hold a Wholesale account with us, we will require setting one up for you in order to take your order.


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