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The Draft Club AK47 Ammo Crate 1 x Wooden Box(1pcs)=1pcs Each

Visual Information
Airsoft Ammo Ammo Crate AK47


Plain ole empty AK47 ammo crate.

Use this stylish crate to store or transport your ammo, small rifs and weapons, or field rations.


Straw for visual effect only, not included in the sale ;)


Width 400mm x Depth 360mm x Height 135mm


£20.00 GBP
In stock

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Standard: £3.00
Signed: £4.10
Insured: £4.60
Weight: 3kg


Rating: 5.0 - Count: 1 - Max: 5 - Min: 5

'Sturdy box, love it - OK so this box survived a smashing from UPS with little to no damage... It's got some good weight being real wood. It fits 6 draft club bb bottles, but there's a fair amount of wasted space. Above the bottles and around them.' - LightningCh

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Earn: 16 Redeem Cost: 240

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