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The Draft Club - When Duty Calls - Airsoft BBs

The Draft Club 6mm 0.25g BB 1 x Bottle(3000pcs)=3000pcs approx

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The Draft Club Ultra Fine Precision Expert Grade BBs are a new breed of high quality Airsoft ammunition.

Designed and manufactured to engineer specifications helps eliminate internal bubbles and other compositional defects, achieving very tight tolerances due to a 5-6 hour polishing cycle.

Strict manufacturing processes combined with vigorous quality testing makes our BB one of the most uniform, balanced and spherical on the market, resulting in smooth feeds, jam elimination and ultimately improved accuracy, grouping and range.


Designation: Orange Top
Weight: 0.25g
Diameter: 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm
Colour: White
Material: ABS Plastic

Recommended Use

Side arms, shot guns and professional Airsoft weapons, used by experienced airsofters


£7.99 GBP
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Standard: £1.43
Signed: £2.53
Insured: £3.03
Weight: 850g


Rating: 5.0 - Count: 3 - Max: 5 - Min: 5

'CQB - My local CQB has a maximum BB weight of 0.25's and with out hesitations these are what i grab off the self. Why feed garbage through your £400 gun? When you can have the consistency and quality of the draft club.' - Stretch

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